Butterfly Earrings - Small Wing - Blue Morpho and Butter Colored

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This fairly traded jewelry is hand crafted using real butterfly wings. Part of a sustainability project in Peru's Amazon, the Indigenous Community raise butterflies to preserve their traditional way of life and prevent deforestation of their lands. No butterflies are killed; they are collected when their life naturally ends. The breeding of butterflies adds to the jungles biodiversity. The jewelry is completed in a small workshop located in Lima Peru.

  • These beautiful silver plated butterfly earrings are 3/4 inches tall and 1/2 inches wide.
  • They have sterling silver earwires and come in a beautiful gift box.
  • They are two sided. The image you see is the front of the wings and on the back of the earring shows the other side of the wing.
  • Includes an insert with a picture and description of the butterfly or butterflies.
  • They are made in Peru by the members of the Shipibo Indigenous Community, a fair trade organization.