Hacky Sack - Jester Assorted Colors, 12-Panel - One Hacky Sack

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Hacky Sacks are made in Guatemala and used for games. Often called "foot bags" they are all cotton with small plastic beads inside. They are firm when you buy them but quickly become soft and easy to work with. Hacky Sacks are about 2.5 inches wide.

NOTE: This purchase is for a Quantity of 1 hacky sack from an assorted selection
Design: Jester 12-Panel
Colors: Assorted, Random Selection
Size: Roughly 2.25" in Diameter
Colors May Vary from the colors in the image

This multi-paneled, professional grade footbag has the highest quality because they are very loosely filled with sand for maximum playability & for doing footbag tricks. They are also found in the best sporting goods stores nationwide. Approximately 2.25" in diameter. Made of durable imitation suede. Filled with Sand. Made in Guatemala. NOTE: Each bag is handmade and may result in slightly different appearance & color.